Travel Devotional Day 1: The Adventure Begins

God is adventurous as you ought to be, let your journey begins!

You are embarking on an adventure today. Congratulations! For real, some people, for whatever reason, don’t ever really venture out their proverbial front door.

However small, however large. You are breaking off of the normal weekly, monthly, yearly, routine. In addition, you are creating an opportunity for all sorts of experiences and memories.  Isn’t that an exciting prospect?! I sure think it is.

Travel Devotional Day 1 - The Adventure Begins

The minute you step out your door you are creating the opportunity, and space, for adventure to happen. Furthermore, as JRR Tolkien says, “it’s a dangerous business, walking out your front door. If you don’t keep your feet, you never know where you might be swept off to”.  

This is the magic and whimsy of traveling. We may have a plan, but we never know the experiences we’ll have or the people we’ll meet. We never know where we’ll be swept off to.  

Isn’t this the nature of our God though? Yes, He is immutable and all knowing and steadfast, but He is also spontaneous, whimsical, humorous, and wild! My God is the Lion AND the Lamb.  Who is your God? Is He primarily the lamb?

Travel Devotional Day 1 - The Adventure Begins

I love CS Lewis and I love the children’s books he wrote that have become a bedside staple (for both children and adults!), The Chronicles of Narnia. Likewise, from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is a quote that will be forever an inspiration to me:

“Aslan is a lion- the Lion, the great Lion.” “Ooh,” said Susan. “I’d thought he was a man. Is he quite safe? I shall feel rather nervous about meeting a lion…” “Safe?” said Mr. Beaver “Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”

Moreover, as you embark on your adventure, remember this: the character of God is adventurous and wild, and yet, forever remaining absolutely and completely full of goodness.  

I think this is why we can encounter Him so profoundly on adventure and travel because by His very nature He is not safe and He is adventurous…He is wild.  

-James Fraundorf

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