Why You Should Travel?

Traveling gives you an experience that money can't buy

Someone said that “traveling is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer”, and I couldn’t agree more. Yes, traveling can be expensive with the flight ticket, accommodation, and meals, but it definitely gives you an experience that money can’t buy. Here’s why.

1. To witness God’s creations.

As someone who grew up in the city, I’ve always considered live in the countryside to be medieval and backward. Until I spent a month living in the countryside of Northern Ireland, where I could actually see sheets and cows running around on green pastures and a bazillion stars right outside the door. And only then, I realized that the world really offers us delightful sceneries everywhere, and it would be a shame for us not to witness it.

2. To help you grow as a person.

Before I first went to Korea to study, I have spent my whole life living inside a cocoon I called home. Although it was frightening to be in a place where you didn’t know anyone and barely spoke the language, it helped grew to the person that I am right now, as the experience was a necessary struggle for me to experience and learn.

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3. To rest.

Much like how it’s ideal for us to take breaks in our day for some alone time with God, travel serves the same purpose for us. Although for some of us, work might be the center of our lives, and it is necessary to have a career as our ambition or goals, we need to learn how to take a break and rest. Much like how it’s even the almighty God, himself — who is omnipotent actually ceased His work and rested on the seventh day of creation.

4. To inspire.

Once our minds are given the necessary break, together with also being surrounded by different people from all different walks of lives, traveling can serve as the experience that will inspire. A friend of mine found her calling to minister through art in Thailand after witnessing the high rate of prostitution and human trafficking.

5. To see how we can take part.

Whether you travel to the poorest part of town or the wealthiest, seeing how things are outside of our own bubble will be an eye opening experience. Witnessing how different the world can be even just by stepping outside our house, can inspire us to do something more and encourage us to be more involved in the world.

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The world is a big place. and with more than seven billion people, it really is a fascinating place to explore, so get yourself a little uncomfortable and get out of that comfort zone, because you don’t know what you’ll find out there.

Written by Yoan Hartono.

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